The aim of UOI is to challenge the high cost object identifiers so that every publisher/ journal editor can use the identifier for their scholarly publishing material. UOI offers membership on following basis.

To apply for the Individual Membership online- click here.

For Journal Publishers and Libraries (Affiliate Member)

One time membership fees for all journal publishers/libraries and other organizations is INR. 3000/- irrespective of the revenue generated of the respective organization. Apart from this annual fee the members have to pay the UOI deposit fees INR. 50 per UOI resolved. (Note every member have to pay UOI deposit fees in advance, it is simply like prepaid system, after paying the annual fees the members have to buy the credit UOI’s in advance.

To apply for the Affiliate Membership online- click here.


Original authors of the material can become member of the UOI and can assign the UOI for the material.


  • Individual has to pay the yearly fees for UOI membership i.e. INR. 1000/- per year
  • Individual can add any number of documents only the condition is the individual member should be first author for the published material.

For Educational Institutes and Universities

No Cost for becoming the member of UOI

To become a member don’t hesitate to contact us on