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Sr.No Name of Article
1551 Some path related 4 -cordial graphs
1552 Graceful labeling of bi-partite related graphs
1553 Some new results on strongly prime graphs
1554 Total edge Lucas irregular labeling
1555 Efficient secure domination in graphs
1556 Greek parameters of nonlinear Black-Scholes equation
1557 On anti fuzzy bi-ideals in near-rings
1558 Fuzzy semi-connectedness and fuzzy pre-connectedness in fuzzy closure space
1559 On (2, (c1, c2)) - Regular Bipolar Fuzzy Graph
1560 Ascending domination decomposition of subdivision of graphs
1561 Eternal m-security in graphs
1562 Chi-Square mixture of t-moment distribution
1563 Neighborhood-prime labeling
1564 On m- Neighbourly irregular fuzzy graphs
1565 sb* - Seperation axioms
1566 Watson-Crick local languages and Watson-Crick two dimensional local languages
1567 b-g-compactness in ditopological texture spaces
1568 Extended results on restrained domination number and connectivity of a graph
1569 Super root square mean labeling of graphs
1570 Computation of efficient nash equilibria for experimental economic games
1571 On semi-$\gamma$-$I$-open sets and a new mapping
1572 A displayed inventory model using pentagonal fuzzy number
1573 The Upper Forcing Edge-to-Vertex Geodetic Number of a Graph
1574 Neighborhood-prime labeling of some union graphs
1575 Some new sets using soft semi $^{\#}g\alpha$-closed sets in soft topological spaces
1576 Various graph operations on semi smooth graceful graphs
1577 New results on edge rotation distance graphs
1578 Multi-item inventory model using hexagonal fuzzy number
1579 Some Properties of Operations on $\alpha O(X)$ \hfill}
1580 Some Properties of Operations on $\alpha O(X)$ \hfill}
1581 Edge antimagic total labeling of isomorphic copies of subdivided stars
1582 On equi independent equitable dominating sets in graphs
1583 On equi independent equitable dominating sets in graphs
1584 On horizontal and complete lifts of $(1,1)\;$ tensor fields F satisfying the structure equation ${F(2K+S,S)=0}$
1585 On Spectral properties in vector-valued Beurling algebra
1586 Cube Divisor Cordial Labeling of Some Standard Graphs
1587 Some Results on Super Root Square Mean Labeling
1588 Complementary Nil Eccentric Domination Number of a Graph
1589 Hyers-Ulam stability of Cubic and Quartic Functional Equations in matrix paranormed spaces
1590 Graceful and odd graceful labeling of graphs
1591 Edge regular property of cartesian product and composition of two fuzzy graphs
1592 Switching of a vertex and independent domination number in graphs
1593 Cordialness of arbitrary supersubdivision of graphs
1594 Broadcasting in Bloom Graph
1595 Cordial labeling in the context of Duplication of some graph elements
1596 Recurrence relation on the number of spanning trees of generalized book graphs and related family of graphs
1597 Infinite multi-series arising from generalized q-alpha difference equation
1598 Upper vertex covering number and well covered semigraphs
1599 Some extremal problems in (d,d+1)-regular graphs
1600 Two stage approach to solve extended transportation problem